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Commander Nn'khiy Solius

Name Nn'khiy Solius

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan/Human Hybrid
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description Compared to most Terran females Nn’khiy is only slightly above average in height. Her weight is proportional to her form, which is in peak physical condition. Despite her strict Romulan upbringing, her blonde hair is worn long around her shoulders. Her facial features are quite striking with her well-defined cheekbones and defined brow ridge. Her piercing blue eyes are hard to miss. She wears a piercing in her right eyebrow that is quite out of normal for Starfleet or for Romulans.


Children None yet
Father H’Dean Solius
Mother Rebecca McCarthy-Solius
Brother(s) Galan Solius, Jacob Solius
Sister(s) Rachel Solius
Other Family



Personality & Traits

General Overview Nn’khiy was raised in a strict but fair household, leading to a well discipline demeanor. She carries herself with an air of superiority much like her father. The oldest of four children, she was pushed to achieve, to inspire her siblings that would follow in her footsteps. She has a strong desire to succeed in everything that she does which comes as natural to her as breathing.

This desire to achieve has always been expected of the Romulan hybrid. As a result, she is not the most approachable person. When someone is persistent enough to break through her though exterior, she is a loyal friend and confidant.

This distance she has in place between herself and others can sometimes be misconstrued as mistrust or indifference. While it is obvious that she is of Romulan decent she has been nothing but a stellar officer and loyal to the Federation. However, this can only take you so far when dealing with crewmembers on a personal level.

Nn'khiy has no love for the idea of dying in space. On a Star ship is one thing but the idea of death by asphyxiation is terrifying.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Desire to achieve
Tenacity to complete a task
A mind for tactical and operations

Struggles with interpersonal communications when not on duty
Air of superiority that can hinder her approachability.
Ambitions Personal
To make her father proud is the driving force behind many of Nn’khiy’s decisions. While joining Starfleet was not what he wanted for his daughter, she has still strived to make him proud.

A much less known aspect of Nn’khiy’s desires is to one day having a family.

Nn’khiy’s ultimate goal is to one-day hold the rank of Admiral. In her immediate future, is to one day secure a command of her own. In the meantime, she strives to do the best job any Commanding Officer can ask of her.
Hobbies & Interests Nn’hkiy loves to spend her time cooking and reading books. Some of her favorite genres of books are philosophy and sociology. She also enjoys learning about the religious practices of others.

Personal History Nn’khiy’s father was a Romulan Defector prior to the Dominion War. He was granted asylum in the Federation in exchange for his intimate knowledge of Romulan War Bird technology. Being a propulsion specialist, he had plenty of information that would aid the Federation. During his debrief he met a Federation Civilian by the name of Rebecca McCarthy. She was a feisty blonde hair women who refused to cower away from the intimidating Romulan. This sparked a friendship that later lead to a marriage. Within six months of being married, only one year after they had met, Rebecca and H’Dean welcomed a blonde haired baby girl into their family. Based on an agreement the couple had come to during the pregnancy H’Dean was allowed to name his daughter. Nn’hkiy was born on stardate 30912.7.

Nn’hkiy was raised in a loving home. The love between her parents was obvious. Despite the loving and caring nature, the family home was strict and regimented. From the time she was a little girl it was expected that she would achieve great things. The best tutors were brought in to instruct her in everything from propulsion engines to religious studies. Her purpose was to set the expectation for her three younger siblings.

Life was fairly regimented for the young Romulan hybrid and her siblings. While her younger sister was allowed more leniency on what she study and her past times, Nn’hkiy had steep expectation to live up too and she was determined to do just that. When she was eighteen years of age, she was accepted into the Federation Starfleet Academy. Her admission was delayed because of her Romulan background.

This was not the first time, nor would it be the last, that Nn’khiy’s Romulan heritage would affect her Academy experience. Despite the hurdles ahead of her, she managed to complete her course work in just over 3 years gaining a position on the USS Maryland in the Tactical department.

Within six months, Nn’hkiy was granted her first posting a bridge officer along with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. She had had a change in department and was now an Operations officer on Beta shift.

After two years onboard the Maryland, Nn’hkiy was transferred to the USS Majestic. As the Assistant Chief Operations Officer. At the beginning of her time on the Majestic, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. She held the position for two years until she was made the Chief Operations Officer onboard the vessel. She remained at this posting for an additional two years before putting in a transfer for Command Training. This resulted in her transfer not only from the Operations department but also from the Majestic.

Nn’khiy’s next posting was on board the USS Ticonderoga. A carrier ship, which offered the many opportunities she would need to one day take command of her own ship. Her positing as the Assistant Chief Strategic Operations officer was a stepping-stone. By donning the red uniform, she began a path she was not completely sure she would ever take.

One of the opportunities that presented herself came in the form of the Chief Medical Officer Aaron Marcus. Nn’kihy met the officer when she reported for duty and was instantly attracted to him. Through his persistence they began to date.

Within the first three years of the five she would spend on the USS Ticonderoga, she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. This did not take place until after she had been promoted to the Chief Strategic Operations Officer.
On the night her and Aaron decided to celebrate her promotion she asked him to marry her. It wasn’t a planned event as much as a random thought that fit them both. They were married in 2386.

Three years later, she was excited to find out her CO was looking for a new Executive Officer. She had been an exemplary officer and the thought that she would be deny advancement never crossed her mind. The day the announcement was to be made, her commanding officer called her into his office. She was stunned to find out that she would be passed over for the promotion due to her romulan heritage.

Anger was the primary emotion coursing through the hybrid as she applied for transfer to the Triton Colony in the position of Chief Operations Officer. She wanted to get as far away from her ill-fated attempted at command as possible. Returning to her first love in Operations.

Triton Colony was her home for almost three years when she was completely shocked with Captain Hart asked her to be his second in command. The hybrid once again found herself donning the red uniform of command to take her place as Hart’s Executive Officer.

Two years later Nn’Khiy was setting out on a new adventure as the Commanding Officer of the USS Archimedes, a nova-class science vessel.

FRIENDS: Nn'khiy's best friend is her sister Rachel. While she had developed casual acquaintances over the years no one could replace the role her little sister plays in her life.

ROMANCE: During the academy, Nn'khiy had developed two romantic entanglements. One was with a Betazoid named Teren. It was more then a casual fling but had not been destined to last. Ending just shy of the three-month mark of the relationship they never saw each other after graduation.

Nn'khiy had one more romantic encounter while in the academy. To this day she cannot remember his name or even what he looked like outside of the inebriated haze in which she last saw him.

It wasn’t until Nn’khiy was stationed on the USS Ticonderoga that she met Aaron Marcus. He was the CMO and they met her first day on the ship. The pair had a magnetic pull towards one another. Three years of dating later they were married in 2386. It would be 7 years before they would be stationed on the same ship when Marcus was made her Executive Officer by Starfleet Command.

FAMILY: Due to her father's defection and her mother's lack of family her extended family didn't play much of a role in Nn'khiy's life.
Service Record

2353-2375 - Resides at family home

2375-2378 - United Federation Of Planets - Starfleet Academy

Graduate with rank of Ensign

2378-2380 - USS Maryland

Position of Tactical Officer at rank of Ensign

Position of Operations Bridge Officer on Beta Shift

Promotes to rank of: Lieutenant Junior grade

2380-2384 - USS Majestic

Position of Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Promotes to rank of : Lieutenant

Position of Chief Operations Officer

2384-2389 - USS Ticonderoga

Promoted to rank of: Lieutenant Commander

Position of Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Position of Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Promotes to rank of: Lieutenant Commander

2389-2393 - Triton Colony

Position of Executive Officer

2393-Present – USS Archimedes

Position of Commanding Officer