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Ravi Suraj

Name Ravi Suraj Ph.D.

Position Chief Physicist

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 3/4 Human, 1/4 Vulcan
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83 m
Weight 88 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ravi is of near-average height with well defined features and an olive-colored complexion. He is fit, as he tries to keep a good balance of exercise with his daily routines of work as his profession involves a lot of time behind a desk or at console.


Spouse None
Father Deven Suraj
Mother Maya Suraj, Ph. D.
Other Family



Personality & Traits

General Overview Ravi is through and through a scientist. If he can not see it, measure it, or even calculate it, 'it' does not exist...scientifically speaking. He is a Type-A personality and at times, he can be argumentative if his theoretical knowledge is challenged. Besides that, Ravi is sincere and extremely loyal and under his loudness, rests a lonely man that seems to only find solace in his work.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical
+ Calculating
+ Loyal
- Argumentative
- By the Book
Ambitions Ravi is convinced there is a way to travel across the Galaxy in hours, rather than years, and believes that warp propulsion is merely a stepping stone. Problem is, the only wy to test that is to get out from behind a desk nd get on a starship.
Hobbies & Interests Maharashtra Style Martial Arts, Long distance running, Terran classical piano, Chello, Ballroom dancing, Science, and Comic books.

Personal History Ravi was born on Earth, at his father's long ancestral family home in New Delhi. The year was 2353. Ravi's father was a stay at home dad as his work was all done either in his studio or via subspace comms. His father Deven, was a graphic artists that specialized in warp nacelle construction, while his mother Maya, a half human/half Vulcan, was a Quantum Physicist that taught advanced theoretics at Earth's MIT.

Ravi was gifted with exceptional intelligence and was able to read and comprehend material far above his own age level. At 15, Ravi graduated from high school and was accepted into the University Cambridge, where he double majored in Statistics and Physics for his undergraduate degree, which he did in 3 years.

Ravi took a year and traveled to Starbase 211 to study the effect of the clusters photostars upon warp drive. However with the growing threat from the Dominion, Starbase 211 was put on alert and the planned excursion into the cluster was cancelled. The next nine months were spent number crunching and developing theoretical statistics from one of the starbases many science labs. His theories on the effects of photostar solar radiation upon Warp drive propulsion were published amongst scientific academia from across the quadrant.

Ravi moved to Denobula and began his graduate degrees in Advanced Warp Propulsion and Theoretical Quantum Particle Dynamics at the prestigious Denobulan Science Academy. He loved the community there and smothered himself into his schooling and lab time at the universities propulsion lab. Ravi stayed at the university for two extra years to work on a degree in Advanced Interstellar Engineering. He became an assistant in the propulsion lab and had a unique opportunity to take part in the early theoretics for the design of the Class X Warp Drive.

In 2376, Ravi returned to The Sol System after his yearlong petition to the Daystrom Institute of Technology was finally heard and his application was accepted. Upon moving to Mars, and settling into his quarters at The Utopia Planitia, the young aspiring scientist made sure to secure a position in one of the propulsion labs. Three years and two dissertations later, Ravi Suraj graduated with a Doctorate of Theoretical Physics.

The now Dr. Suraj moved his residence from the student section, into the advisers section. He was kept on as Associate Professor of Warp Technology, where he taught one class, two days a week, and held lab once a week as well. Through two colleges he was introduced and hired on with the Warp Technologies Development Group as one of three consulting scientists. For three years, Dr. Suraj maintained both posts until a position for a full time Professor of Theoretical Physics opened at Earth's MIT. For another four years he held his post at MIT. He enjoyed teaching full time, and on occasion he would still make time for consults with the Warp Technologies Development Group. That lead him to being offered a Senior position with Starfleet's Warp Propulsion Lab at McKinley Station.

In 2386, Dr. Ravi Suraj was now a senior scientist that would help develop and oversee the installation of the newest and most up to date warp systems at McKinkey Station for three years.

In 2390, Ravi was given a chance to be formally assigned as an official Starfleet Consultant and was granted access to tour and work on starships while they were on assignment. For a year he served upon three starships and one starbase in an advisory capacity to assist and aid Starfleet Chief Engineers with their recently upgraded warp system issues.
In 2391 there was an opened position at as Director of Starfleet’s Advanced Theoretical Quantum Physics Laboratory, on Andoria. He found the study and experiments to be exciting, but he needed to see these tests performed in a uncontrolled setting, and that would simply not be allowed at the laboratory. Rvi had a friend that joined a new science ship, the USS Archimedes as its new Chief of Operations. After some convincing words and a few calls later, Ravi found himself en route to the Archimedes as its new Chief of Physics, and thankful he never let slip his certification as a Starfleet Consultant. He may not be an actual officer, but he was still a member of Starfleet.
Service Record Starfleet Service
Service History *Civilian*
Service Record *2379 - 2382: Associate Professor of Warp Technology @ The Daystrom Institute of Technology

*2379 - 2386: Consulting Physicist @ The Warp Technologies Development Group

*2382 - 2386: Professor of Theoretical Physics @ MIT

*2386 - 2389: Doctor of Theoretical Physics, Senior Warp Drive Theoretician @ McKinley Station

*2390 - Certified Starfleet Scientific Consultant and Specialist

*2390 - 2391: Starship Propulsion Protocol Consultant
1. USS Resolute
2. USS Excelsior
3. USS Nimitz
4. Starbase-232

*2391 - 2393: Director of Director of Starfleet’s Advanced Theoretical Quantum Physics Labortory, Andoria

*2393 - present: Chief Physicist, USS Archimedes