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Lieutenant Hanudi' Sou'dia

Name Hanudi' Sou'dia

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Dal'chi
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 163 lbs.
Hair Color Deep chestnut brown with varying shades of brown highlights Eye Color: Dark hazel with blue and green specks
Eye Color Deep chestnut brown with varying shades of brown highlights Eye Color: Dark hazel with blue and green specks
Physical Description Hanudi' or Handi', as he is often called by those who find his name hard to pronounce, has a physique many men may envy. His well-defined sinuous mussels are the well earned result numerous hours of physical training reaching back to his childhood. They hide the strength that lies within this warrior turned mental healer. There is a prominent spinal crest that runs from the base of his skull the entire length. This is the most definite distinction between his species and that of humans. From behind some have mistaken him for a woman if all they saw was his hair. This long silken main is pulled straight back and comes down just past his shoulders. Often he wears his shiny, healthy hair braided with a special knot known as a ki’toli in the back. Han has eyes that shift colors. With a base of Dark hazel they seem to change from brown to blue to green. Often this is based on strong emotions but can change due to lighting and environment. 


Spouse None (though he is in a relationship)
Children He has a baby on the way.
Father Ahid’ alu Sou’dia (Deceased)
Mother Ahid’ alu Sou’dia (Deceased)
Brother(s) Ga’ hali Doi Sou’dia (Deseased)
Sister(s) Ga’ hali Doi Sou’dia (Deseased)
Other Family Uncle: Has’obi Dot Sou’dia
Aunt: Kit’oni Hibit Sou’dia



Personality & Traits

General Overview Hanudi’ is by far one of the most aggressive counselors in Starfleet. Tagged by one of his Academy professors as the “the warrior of the mind” he lives up to that name. Having started life as a member of the military class and in a clan that still follows the ancient traditions he spent the majority of his life learning how to protect other and himself. From birth he was designated to be a warrior and by thirteen he had become an exceptional martial artist and learned to survive in some of the harshest environments.

Trained to be a leader Hanudi’ does not back down from a challenge if it is a worthy one. He carries his battlefield mindset into the counseling room and with the patient battles with the “demons” within. His training as a counselor complements well his training as a warrior. Each discipline plays a role in knowing how to approach a mental battle and to conquer it. His attitude towards life is to face things head on, not wavering, and take on the challenge with the skills and abilities you have. If you lack the skill or ability find it and rejoin the assault until victory can be declared.

Having lost his immediate family just after turning thirteen and undergoing the rites of a warrior, life has not been easy for him. Losing his parents, sister and fiancé has had a significant effect on him. Through the guidance of spiritual leaders he made the decision to end his military career and become a counselor. This was not what even the spiritual guides had thought as a possibility but rather it is how he interpreted what he understood.

Hanudi’ is not shy about who he is or what he has done though he is reluctant to accept praise or accolades. He is open to others but not an outgoing person as a rule preferring to be approached rather than approach others. 

Often in his off duty times you will find him either practicing his martial arts or meditating using the ancient methods and beliefs of his people. The sword he once carried everywhere he went is still with him though not at his side as it was before. This tends to be a bothersome thing for him when duty calls for action. Hanudi’ is not the kind to sit on the sidelines and let others do the fighting. If attacked he will defend and do so with deadly force if necessary.

This man of both words and action serves with pride the Federation and his people. Being the only representative of his species in any branch of the medical field in Starfleet has drawn much attention to himself, especially once they learn of his violent past. Those Dal’chi who do join Starfleet can be found in one of three areas, Science, Marines, and Security. The majority choose Science where they specialize in areas they feel may help in the recreation of their world. Others choose Security or the Marines feeling the need for safety in many sectors. 

Due to the fact that the he and his people have spent many years living underground Hanudi’ prefers more subtle lighting rather than the harsh glare of the sun. His diet is simple consisting of primarily fruits nuts and grains. He does eat some meet though this is a small percentage of his diet. Generally protein, taken in the form of meet, is from smaller creatures rather than anything akin to cattle. Some of these sources would be considered rather unappetizing such as insects, snakes, slugs and amphibians such as frog like creatures. Needless to say there are not many who have served with Hanudi’ who have been willing to sample the cuisine of his people. He has also became used to living on rations which was the primary food source used on many starships utilized by the Dal’chi. He can often be found ordering such a meal from the replicator. The food he prefers is simple with little preparation and still resembles the original food source.+ Internal fortitude: He is not willing to give up on himself or others and will stick to his decision until a resolution has been reached.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Internal fortitude: He is not willing to give up on himself or others and will stick to his decision until a resolution has been reached.

+ Loyalty: Hanudi’ is fiercely loyal to the crew he serves with and to the Federation. 

+ Adaptable: Having lived in trying circumstances Hanudi’ has learned to roll with whatever happens making the most of the situation.

- Pride: The counselor has a fierce pride for his people and himself. This would be a good thing except he tends to take it a bit too far at times.

- Strong Willed: Getting him to change his mind even when ordered to is very difficult for him.

- Memories: Hanudi’ still struggles to some extent with the loss of the young woman he was to merry. Having known her since early childhood and spending much time with her the arranged marriage was looked forward to by both parties. 

- Fierce anger: Don’t get this counselor riled up. Hanudi’ can be vicious when he reaches his breaking point. This always brings regret along with it so he does his best to avoid it.
Ambitions The primary ambition of his life now is to aid as many people as he can. He would like to someday offer classes in his style of counseling at the Academy but that he feels should wait until he is ready to retire.
Hobbies & Interests Besides studying everything he can on counseling Han enjoys the meditations he he has practiced all his life. He still practices the many variations of martial arts he learned as a youth, adult and anything he can glean from others. In addition he plays a traditional Kalipa, an ancient wind instrument similar to a flute.

Personal History A little about the Dal’chi
In 2127 Hal’ati, the home world of the Dal’chi, was struck by two large meteors. This resulted in the destruction of nearly all life on the surface. The resulting changes in the atmosphere have made it for the most part uninhabitable on the surface.

Nearly a hundred years earlier, 2031, a scientist by the name of Ka’tiga Omarki predicted the meteors would hit their planet and was exactly correct on his calculations. The government took steps to try and protect the planet but these were not sufficient and the devastation took place anyway. 

Ka’tiga had begun perpetration in the even his calculations were correct and along with a religious sect associated with their primary religion, Oli’Mar, made plans for survival of their species if such an event were to occur. Having an extensive system of caves and areas mind for its minerals They began to make plans for the people to move underground to survive what was thought to be complete and utter annihilation of the surface. As part of the government’s plans they supported this idea funded much of their projects. When the date approached they advised everyone to seek shelter, “just in case” their safety net failed. 

When the warnings went out many had become too apathetic and assumed that they would be safe. Those who did not seek refuge below the surface died in the event and only those who chose to move underground survived. 

The surface has become a rather unlivable environment where only the best prepared can survive for any length of time. Acidic rains fall at seemingly random times 

The two main areas of life for his species are either underground due to the devastation caused by the nearly simultaneous impact of two large asteroids and the resulting climate caused by it. The other is an M class planet, formerly one of the moons in their solar system, created by the Federation using technologies from further research on the Genesis Project.

During the Dominion Wars several attempts were made to overtake the planetary defenses and form an outpost for the dominion. These were performed both on the homeworld and the moon that was made inhabitable. All such attempts failed though casualties were heavy.

Personal History

It was in the year 2360 during the month of La’toni, January, 5th 2359, that Hanudi’ was born to his parents. This was a time of celebration. His three year old sister was even happy to have a baby brother. The baby was given his first sword, a Do’kanta. This is a symbolic pacifier like item that is given to those of the warrior class. 

By his third birthday he was already being trained to take on the responsibilities he would face in life. Haunudi’ was already being prepared for his role as defender and protector. Training to be a ka’loti, a warrior, begins as early as the individual is able to comprehend and follow simple commands. Hanudi’ began his training when he was four and eagerly struggled to perform every lesson to the best of his ability.

It is customary for those of the warrior class to have arranged marriages. Hanudi’ was no different. His parents arranged for the marriage before he was born. These arrangements are sometimes broken when either the set of parents decides the other child is not the proper match. There were many possible suiters for as time progressed for the parents of Dah’li to change their minds. She was beautiful, smart and many other parents wanted her for their sons. There was no wavering on either party as they saw how much the children cared for each other.

When he turned four the Ho’dila or sword maker began work on the symbolic weapon all warriors carried. Though new technologies and alloys had been introduced the older methods were preferred and so the smelting of metal by hand and the selection of all material were made by an individual rather than a computer. This sword would be produced not only by the craftsmen but under the instructions of a spiritual leader known as a Gi’shari. The weapon would not be completed until his near the end of his twelfth year. 

At the age of eleven his father was transferred to be the head of security for colony on Tol’ri, the inhabitable moon. This meant the boy would be able to run and play out under the rays of the sun unlike on his homeworld. His finance’s family was relocated as well and the two were inseparable.

Hanudi’ was thirteen in 2370. This was a very important year in his life. All children become adults in his society at this time and begin to take on the roles they will fill thought the remainder of it. For those of the warrior class it meant the rite of passage and determination as to where they would be trained and how their military career would be shaped. 

He endured the crucible, a four week long endurance period where various tests of knowledge, strength and endurance are introduced for these young people. In all these he was superior to most if not all the others involved.

Starting the week after these tests, the Hob’doli or the marking took place. This is a ritualistic marking including a combination of branding and tattooing under the guidance of a Gi’shari. His markings took two weeks to complete and were some of the largest and most detailed. At the end of this period Hanudi’ was considered a warrior, received the sword designed especially for him and would formally begin training for the military. The young man was then allowed to wear the twin cords in his hair to accent the traditional stile worn by the ancient warriors, the Ne’koti. The sides of his head were shaved to the scalp leaving on the hair across the top and back. It was allowed grow long and braided with two ribbons like cords, one was always a blood read while the other would designate his rank. Hanudi’ eagerly awaited the marriage that was to take place later that year. Many plans and preparations had begun over eight years earlier though they were never to take place.

Just four weeks before the wedding, August 12 2371 the Cardassians attacked the colony both by air and on the ground. His father was killed in the battle. As for Hanudi’ he had been knocked unconscious by falling debris after taking on several assailants. When he became conscious again his entire world had been shattered. His mother, sister, fiancé and many other women were gone, taken to be Comfort women by the Dominion forces. Only a handful of the colonists were still alive and these were nearly all severely injured. 

Two weeks later the Dominion forces returned. The young man and those who survived were ready. They hid away allowing them to begin to establish a base. With sporadic raids Hanudi’ and the others were able to disrupt much of their activities. It has been estimated that Hanudi’ killed over forty eight Jem’Hadar and Cardassians over the next six weeks with hit and run tactics. Exhausted, malnourished and running extremely low on supplies he along with the others were captured and taken prisoner aboard a Jem’Hadar starship. It appeared all was lost but this only led to the Dominion’s loss.

Now a prisoner, Hanudi’ talked to the remailing colonist and together worked out a plan to take over the ship. While the Federation attacked the vessel they went about their work and by the time the Jem’Hadar ship was hailed the face they saw was that of a 13 year old young man wounded and holding the phaser of his captors in his hand. These survivors were then taken back to their homeworld.

Hanudi’ was taken in by his uncle Has’obi Dot Sou’dia and aunt Kit’oni Hibit Sou’dia who continue his training knowing his parents’ wishes in the raising of the child. Kit’oni was the daughter of the Gi’shari leader of the temple near where he lived. Though he was already religious he meditated more following the advice of his aunt. 

With the start of the Dominion War in 2373 the young man was ushered into the military as he was needed to fill the growing need to protect and defend his people. Although he continued training he became involved in and led out in many battles both on the planet’s devastated surface and as part of raids on the conquered moon. 

In 2375 as hostilities came to an end Hanudi’ returned home to a hero’s welcome. He was still angry at what had happened to his sister and her family he requested assistance from the Federation and received it. A Starfleet vessel, USS Edensor was to bring him to a negotiation to release the females formerly held as comfort women by the Dominion. He was successful in bringing them home though neither his sister nor his fiancé were not among them.

Having learned about the death of the woman he loved and that his sister had tried to escape and her situation was not known. With his heat broken he consulted through meditation and his religious leaders why this all had happened and what he should do with his life. He decided he could not go through life angry and filled with hatred. Hanudi’ made the decision to resign his position. Within a few months the decision was made to apply to Starfleet Academy.

He was accepted to the Academy in 2377 and began studying to be a counselor. The option to be a Chaplin was there but feeling he could reach more with his unique style as a counselor he chose that path.
Service Record 2380 assigned to USS Gregory, Cadet

2385 Assigned to USS Holden, Ensign
Assistant Chief Counselor

2387 Assigned to USS Briggs, Lieutenant (JG)
Assistant Chief Counselor

2390 Reassigned to Nimitz, Lieutenant
Chief Counselor

2394 Reassigned to USS Archimedes, Lieuteant