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Ensign Catari Redfield

Name Catari Redfield

Position Chief Archaeologist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Redfield stands 5’6 and has an overall medium build. She has a soft youthful tone but is not self-aware of it. She has an effective and confident demeanor.


Spouse Not Married.
Children No Children.
Father Lieutenant Jacob Redfield
Mother Lieutenant Commander Melissa Mayweather-Redfield
Brother(s) No Siblings
Sister(s) No Siblings
Other Family No Other Close Relatives.



Personality & Traits

General Overview Redfield is a bright young woman who has a legacy to follow. Her parents and grandparents were all Starfleet Officers who’ve climbed up the rank in their own right and were involved in some of the most well-known discoveries the Federation, and its military arm, Starfleet, has been involved in. She is quick to learn, eager to excel, and hopes to bring both her fresh eyes and her knowledge, from her parental past, to assist on her new adventure. Although at times she has a knack of getting in over her head
Strengths & Weaknesses Her strengths are easily her youthfulness and her quest to learn. She is young and eager to be involved, to make her own history and mark on the universe. Her parents were great influences on her.

Weaknesses: Because of her inexperience with how the “system” works she could easily get in trouble for skipping protocols and regulations. She has a lot to learn at her age but is willing to. Doesn't have much of a social life because of her passion in her field.
Ambitions Climbing up the ranks and moving to more responsible roles is and always will be secondary. Her number one ambition is to pursue her passion in the sciences.
Hobbies & Interests She loves to play strategy games like Risk, Chess, and a pinch of monopoly. She loves conditioning her mind as well as her body. But above all, she loves to be in the library, studying and reading in her own time. She simply cannot get enough of the field she has chosen.

Personal History Catari was born in Macedonia, on Earth, on April 12, 2373 at the Helos Medical Facility.

She was the only child born to her father, Jacob Redfield, a retired Chief Medical Officer on Starbase 25, and her mother, Melissa Mayweather-Redfield, a retired archeologist and historian posted at Star Fleet Science.

When Catari was a young girl she would often be split twice a year between her parents who were often posted apart. She didn’t hang out with many friends. She enjoyed staying in the confines of home, wherever that was in the year, and read old adventure novels such as Twenty Thousand Leagues, The Time Machine, Moby Dick, and Robinson Crusoe, to name a few. These were some of the first adventure science fiction literature she could find in the classics. She was very interested in time periods pieces and adventure stories. This was the genesis of her interest in history.

Her mother, Melissa, was a talented archaeologist and historian, in her own right. She discovered countless relics and artifacts over her entire career some of which are stored in her home apart of her collection. This is where Catari gets her interest in the field. Unfortunately, when Catari was in her teens, her mother succumbed to an unknown illness while exploring an unknown geographical component of a newly found planet and eventually committed suicide. Her father took custodial parentage and would continue to guide her on her interests and future.

Her father passed a few years later of undiagnosed cancer just as Catari was entering High School. During this time Catari became a ward of the state, was often between counseling and group programs. To get through this time in her life Catari did what she had always done, read and learn. In addition to the science fiction adventure classics she picked up on non-fiction from the likes of Darwin, Ceram, and Mann.

When Catari graduated from High School, and became of legal age, she inherited her parents estate of books, historical artifacts, and relics. She donated the entire collection to schools and museums, since they were be best served there, rather than collecting dust.

Catari eventually enlisted in Starfleet. She knew what she wanted to pursue and become. She wanted to follow in the steps of her parents especially her mother. She wanted to become an archeologist and a scholar in history.

Catari would do well at the Academy. She majored in the sciences with a concentration in Archeology and Culture. She graduated with a 3.7 average and when she was up for assignment she was immediately commissioned as an Ensign, which she believed was a mix up, but happily signed the paperwork. Turned out there seemed to be a shortage of science officers as of late. It ultimately didn’t matter her rank, she cared little for that, she just wanted to start her career and help in her capacity.
Service Record 2394 - Ensign - Waiting for posting