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Ensign T'Shan

Name T'Shan

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Andorian
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 190cm (6' 3")
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description T'Shan's outer appearance is a result of the slight imperfections of her hybrid physiology, research into Andorian/Vulcan epigenetics being somewhat limited by the lack of prior interest. She has patches of vitiligo-like discoloration that run from her nose down to her stomach in mostly symmetrical patterns of pale green. Her hair is thermosensitive, while growing out white from her scalp, will blacken once it grows longer than a few inches and no longer heated by radiant internal warmth, a strange combination of evolutionary phenomena from both her ancestor races. It stays black if short enough, but she hasn't shaved her head since she was a cadet. In direct sunlight her hair will often turn completely white.

She has antennae that are fully functional, though T'Shan often wears them buried in her thick hair to stifle them, as her sharp Vulcan senses are enhanced to an uncomfortable degree by the additional sensory input. Without her antennae she is only 6' 0".

Internally her physiology is mostly Vulcan, with several Andorian organs not usually present functioning as backups, much like the vestigial organs of Klingons.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Rovak - XO, Starbase 51
Mother Shalasirtha Vy'Liin
Brother(s) Shurlok (Half-brother, Father's son from first marriage)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Some long-lived ancestors on father's side
Various clan relatives of mother's family



Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Shan is passionate and energetic, but kept steady and calm by her extensive Vulcan training. As the child of a Vulcan and an Andorian she feels the best and worst of both; the self-confidence bordering on arrogance, the inclination towards dismissal of others as overly influenced by emotions, and an unbreakable code of personal honor and discipline.

Her Kolinahr discipline causes her to come across as cold as any Vulcan, and though she acknowledges her emotions, she does what she can to suppress them, and as such will not initiate personal bonds with those she does not know well until they have gained her trust or interest.

She is competitive to an almost compulsive level, and a perfectionist to the highest standards of both her cultures. She manages all this through a cool, unexpressive facade of detached logic.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Heightened senses
+ Vulcan Emotional Conditioning
+ Andorian Imperial Guard training
+ Vulcan Education

+/- Mostly logical
+/- Honorable to a fault
+/- Workaholic

- Unique physiology makes medical care difficult
- Prone to occasional mood swings
- Andorian cultural (bad loser, can be mean, harsh with subordinates)
- Vulcan cultural (critical, dismissive, unresponsive to emotional needs of others)
Ambitions Confined to the extremes of Vulcan and Andoria for her youth, T'Shan longs to see the wonders of the Galaxy, and to live Starfleet's credo of exploring new worlds and discovering civilizations.

While boldly going, she hopes to do the best work she can in the tasks assigned to her, and currently has no long term projects she is working towards beyond her career and assignments.
Hobbies & Interests T'Shan has played Ishinan (Andorian Ice Soccer) since childhood, and has collected all the best holoprograms she could find, knowing forming a team may be difficult while on assignment. Regardless of how well she knows a sport, she will always accept a challenge or institute one where she detects vulnerability from a champion.

She plays the Amvhuii, an instrument best described as an Andorian digeridoo, and is proficient with the Vulcan lyre, but has not played one since her secondary education.

Personal History T'Shanthosa ko-fu'Rovak Vylanhahr-Liinatlath (or simply, T'Shan) was born in the clan-grounds of the Vylanhahrine on Andoria, where her mother had sought solitude from forces that had pursued her since her time in Starfleet. T'Shan was raised in the traiditional Andorian way for almost a decade by her mother, but the day T'Shan turned ten her mother vanished, and she has not celebrated her birth since. She was raised for the next few years by her mother's Clan, until at the onset of adolescence Doctors advised that the girl would need to train on Vulcan with Kolinahr Masters to keep her volcanic emotions in check.

While the Imperial Guard Academy she had attended for her primary education had encouraged her emotions, her new Vulcan upbringing aimed to stifle it. She was sent to live with her father's family, who like her father, were not aware of her existence until that time.

Her father's family struggled to deal with the willful child who had been raised in the Andorian fashion, until his father's sister, a musician, taught her how to combine her passion with the tenets of logic to create music. T'Shan immediately began to progress towards attaining pure logic, though it would be eventually revealed that it would be nearly impossible for her to do so without years of conditioning.

Once she had concluded her secondary schooling on Vulcan, T'Shan applied immediately to Starfleet Academy, the only dream she had harbored while laboring at her Vulcan studies and emotional conditioning.

Her first year at the Academy was something of a disaster, with T'Shan leaning too heavily into the party scene and becoming involved in a number of embarrassing incidents that almost resulted in her expulsion from Starfleet Academy. Fortunately with some strings pulled by her father, she was able to take summer classes to make up for what she had missed, and in her second year regained her focus and reputation through studiousness and involvement with student leadership. She went on to become one of the brightest students in her class at the Academy, graduating Security Division valedictorian of the class of 2393 with a double major in Security and Operations.

Her first assignment was a year-long assignment to the USS Boron where she served as a Junior Security officer, a particularly tedious assignment given it's position as an Alpha Quadrant Security adjunct. In the year she served aboard, they only responded to a single emergency in their patrol zone, a civilian liner that had suffered an asteroid puncture after a deflector failure. Her first assignment out of the way, T'Shan applied for any and all assistant chief positions she could find, hoping for anything that would get her off the bottom rung and away from the tedium of the USS Boron.
Service Record 2390 - 2393: Starfleet Academy
2393: USS Boron - Security Officer
2394: USS Archimedes - Assistant Chief Security Officer