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Lieutenant Payton Bray

Name Payton Annabelle Bray

Position Chief Archaeologist

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Andorian Mix
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 143 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Steely Blue
Physical Description


Spouse None
Children Sebastian Mason Bray [18, Currently Enrolled in Starfleet]
Father Jason Bray [Age 60]
Mother Osaza Bray [Currently Deceased]
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Plenty of extendeds on both sides of the family, though it is only her father's side who she truly manages to interact with



Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions - She wishes to learn more about all the cultures around her, and she does so through the lens of archaeology. One day, she plans on being just as accomplished a scientist as her father.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Payton was born to a family of reputable scientific knowledge and extensive contribution to the Federation, and with that came the expectation for her to strive and follow in her father’s footsteps. But she was a pleasant child, happily following along with her mother and father on their expeditions as part of Starfleet’s Science Corps, hopping from archaeology dig to archaeology dig and playing Little Assistant.

That would be, until her mother passed away from an illness caught on one such dig.

Her father was devastated, insisting he take the body to Andoria, where Payton discovered was where her mother was born. During this time, she learned much of her mother’s Andorian side, and through that her own as well. It was also on Andoria that she learned most of her mother’s family was not all too fond of her, first for not being full Andorian, and second for passing on Andorian genes through a muddled bloodline. While she didn’t quite understand why that was, being all too young to understand, the short meeting with her Andorian relatives sparked her desires to learn and understand more than she could reach.

It was after their trip to Andoria that her father would insist upon the pair settling down in England, where she would begin a more traditional path of education. This would prove to be the most challenging for her, as she went from learning in a hands on environment to learning in one that required more reading, more sitting, and less getting down and dirty. She would settle into the groove of school, but not without a few bumps along the way first.

At the age of 18, she would be enrolled into Starfleet with high recommendations from her father’s side of the family, as well as a couple of choice teachers. Her marks in most of the sciences would continue to be excellent, and Payton discovered a love of conversation as well as science, deciding to veer into both scientific and diplomatic arenas.

The Academy is where she would also discover her more rebellious side, finding herself succumbing to peer pressures, parties, and all the trouble that brought about. During her second year of Academy, she discovered herself pregnant with child, which turned into her wake up call. While she was certain she knew who the father of her child was, she would never broach the topic with the then cadet, instead turning to her family for assistance in the matter. So, after the birth and year-long leave that followed of Sebastian, her father relocated himself to San Francisco to help her raise the child while she resumed her studies.

Her senior tour was as Diplomat’s Aide on the prestigious USS Missouri as the ship adventured through the Alpha Quadrant, brokering peace with former Dominion allies, with both her father and her son in tow. Her experiences as a diplomat proved invaluable, as she would discover how much of the Federation’s history she did not know, and how much farther she had to look in order to see past the veil Starfleet crafted for their young, freshly minted cadets. She would then go on to take a position as an Archaeologist upon the Missouri, favoring the science side of her quest for knowledge.

Insert mildly boring history on the Cassini, really fun Leto history, and something about an archaeology team on Bajor because reasons. Also her son’s in Academy now so she can be a free roaming bird and go about her life.
Service Record 2375 - [Cadet Fresh. Grade] - General Studies (Starfleet Academy)
2376 - [Cadet Soph. Grade] - Science/Diplomatic Lean (Starfleet Academy)
2377 - 1 Year Leave - Birth of Sebastian Mason Bray
2378 - [Cadet Jr. Grade] - Science/Diplomatic Lean (Starfleet Academy)
2379 - [Cadet Sr. Grade] - Diplomat’s Aide, Senior Tour (USS Missouri)
2380 - [Ensign] - Archaeologist (USS Missouri)
2381 - 2382 - [Ensign] - Science Officer (USS Cassini)
2383 - 2384 - [Lieutenant JG] - Assistant Chief Science Officer (USS Cassini)
2385 - 2387 - [Lieutenant JG] - Archaeology Team Lead (Leto Colony)
2388 - 2392 - [Rank Pending] - Chief Science Officer/Diplomatic Liason (Leto Colony)
2392 - 2394 - [Rank Pending] - Archaeology Team Lead (Bajor)
2395 [Rank Pending] - Chief Archaeologist (USS Archimedes)