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Lieutenant Commander Noah Reed

Name Noah Reed

Position Acting First Officer

Second Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'00"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Noah has a fit physique from a regular workout routine. He has chiseled facial features including a squared jaw and hawk-like eyes. He typically wears his hair in a classic side part.


Father Henry Reed
Mother Victoria Reed
Other Family


Executive Officer's Award of MeritLibrary Excellence Ribbon
Achievements General
Let's get physical

Personality & Traits

General Overview Noah has a strong mind for mechanics and theoretical applications. Sometimes that can be a hinderance as he might appear arrogant. Moving around a lot in life has made him ripe for flameout relationships. A solid engineer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Highly experienced and knowledgeable in warp systems.
+ Critical thinker and problem solver.

+/- Charming, though a few women would beg to differ.

- Borderline arrogant, especially when it comes to engineering topics.
- Stubborn, having a hard time letting arguments go.
Ambitions Though he has entertained the idea of taking more leadership roles, he still strives to be the best engineer possible, though he wouldn't be opposed to seizing an opportunity. Sometime in the future he would like to start his own civilian starship construction company.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys cultivating bonsai trees, a trait that he picked up from his mother. He listens to 20th century rock & roll music.

Personal History Noah Reed was born on June 5th, 2364 [Stardate: 41427.1] in Magma City, Mars. His parents were both civilians in different fields. His father was a geologist researcher while his mother was a botanist. His parents were typically on research assignments to various planets. As Noah grew up, he defied the conventional wisdom of following in someone’s footsteps. He was fascinated by the ships that took his parents around the Federation, often spending the long trips learning about ship systems from crew members. Sometimes it was on Starfleet vessels, sometimes civilian ships. This gave him a well-rounded understanding of many different ship functions and the differences between two systems of the same type. Though he choose to follow an engineering path, he received a bonsai tree one birthday from his mother. He took care of it and learned how to cultivate different varieties, a hobby he continued into adulthood.

Growing into teenage years, Noah performed decent at school, spending extra hours going over technical manuals and trying to apply his knowledge by building small models of power conduits and isolinear chip configurations. His parents made sure to always reserve a domicile that had an extra room so that Noah could use the space as a workshop. He was absolutely fascinated by warp theory and found the very idea of faster-than-light travel to be mind-blowing. As time in high school went on, he began to realize that Starfleet guaranteed the surest way to obtain a real education in warp propulsion that he hoped to one day use to start his own ship design company.

Noah decided on his own that Starfleet was the best education to learn about engineering methods. He was accepted into the Corps of Engineers, spending time not only at the San Francisco campus, but also other known locales as McKinley Station, Utopia Planetia Shipyards and various training camps dotted around the core Federation systems. Key concepts taught in the CoE are warp theory and application, ship design and function, planetary construction, computer systems & integration.

Graduating from Starfleet Academy, Noah was first assigned to the USS Excalibur as an engineering officer. He spent his time going hands-on with as many ship systems as possible, which was easy to do as he was the low man on the totem pole and was assigned lots of different tasks. It helped him become very comfortable with most problems. It was also during this time that he learned time-saving techniques from an enlisted Bolian engineer named Tomm. They formed a lasting friendship that continues to the present.

After serving aboard the Excalibur, Noah was then transferred to Utopia Planetia as part of a warp propulsion design team. There, he helped design, build and test various warp core designs for future starships. He found this particular post of great interest, as it helped solidify his knowledge of design but also helped expand his thinking when he brainstormed ideas for civilian starships.

Leaving Utopia Planetia was difficult, as he enjoyed not only the post, but the ability to go home to Mars and see Earth on a regular basis. He knew that he was spoiled and that most postings weren't so lavish. However, he accepted the call of duty, taking the next assignment to the USS Hercules along the Klingon border region, helping to establish a few colonies on remote Federation worlds.

Though he liked the challenge of constructing outposts, he truly felt the calling of a real starship assignment. He placed a request for transfer to the USS Archimedes, once again reaching out for the unknown.

Relationships: Noah’s upbringing of constantly moving around and never settling down, especially once his Starfleet career began has fostered a carefree attitude towards relationships with women. He has many meaningless or short encounters under his belt and that creates an atmosphere that still tends to get himself into trouble.
Service Record Starfleet Academy [Corps of Engineers]: Aug. 2382 - May 2386
USS Excalibur: June 2386 - Oct. 2388
Utopia Planetia Shipyards: Nov. 2388 - Sept. 2392
USS Hercules: Oct. 2392 - Apr. 2394