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Lieutenant JG Ethan Gunnarsen

Name Ethan Teerlor Gunnarsen

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6’3”
Weight 190 lb
Hair Color Sable
Eye Color Jet
Physical Description Ethan is an imposing figure, standing some inches of per six foot and sporting a broad-shouldered physique. He maintains a lean musculature to More easily facilitate a need to work in the cramped confines of smaller shuttleswhen necessary.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Rueben Gunnarsen
Mother Teerlori Ohaxir (Deceased)
Brother(s) Christoph Berg - step-brother (34)
Arun Gunnarsen-Berg half-brother (26)
Sister(s) Lark Gunnarsen-Berg - half-sister (22)
Other Family Ingrid Berg - Step-Mother



Personality & Traits

General Overview Ethan is a quick study; he has a passion for flight - has nurtured it ever since he was old enough to understand the concept. Unfortunately, this passion has become something of a wedge between him and his father. Time has softened the edges, but a disconnect still remains.
Strengths & Weaknesses Memory - while not eidetic, Ethan has worked to develop a near-perfect recall over the years. It is a trait that has come in handy in the middle of emergencies, allowing him to draw on ingrained knowledge and apply it to the situation at hand.

Flight - since age 14, when he first qualified for a provisional license after winning the junior divisional qualifiers, Ethan has found his place at the console. In reality, if virtual flight was counted, he could claim his earliest victories closer to age seven. He likes to say that his abilities are naturally inherited from his mother; as the woman died shortly before Ethan turned five, that love proved one of the few truly bonding memories Ethan maintained.

Empathic/telepathic abilities - here, Ethan seems to be lacking. Though it is not expected as a hybrid for him to have full-strength cabilities, he seems over-all handicapped in using what he does possess. Speculation lies on early childhood trauma and lack of development, having spent his formative years away from Betazoid influence of any kind. He is also prone to nightmares at times of high stress.
Ambitions It seems cliched to say Ethan wants to be the best in his field; he would never seek so trivial a goal. Rather, Ethan strives to be his own personal best on a more wholistic scale - to bring honor to the parent he never had time to truly know.
Hobbies & Interests Flight, especially in small shuttles and runners. He’s had the chance once to test a Bajoran light ship and would welcome another shot.

Sports, in particular swimming and running.

Holo-Games and movies involving flight. Ironically - or not, depending on who asks - Ethan has a secret liking for Steampunk and Cyberpunk fiction, and enjoys scenarios built around similar plots. He especially enjoys the old Terran series ‘Firefly’.

Personal History For much of the Federation life ended and began again with Wolf 359, Ethan being one of those. A pre-schooler on the USS Bellerophon, he remembered very little of the actual event, save huddling down in an escape pod, his father shielding his small self, as they managed a daring escape from the battlefield. In the first week, Ethan - or Etin, as he was still known at that time - had not questioned where his mother was. She had, after all, been on duty that day, sitting at the helm of the big ship. It had often been a rare treat to perch on her lap as Teerlori explained the various controls and how they operated the movement of the ship. Surely she was still busy getting the Bellerophon and the rest of the crew to safety and would join them at a later time.

It was was only the night that Ethan walked in on his father sobbing into a glass of alcohol, a discarded PADD at his side, that the truth finally began to sink in to his four-year-old mind. Mommy was gone, she wasn't coming back. That was the night his life as Etin ended. The next morning, Father had come to him with red-rimmed eyes and explained that they were going to a new home, and that he would have a new name - Ethan Gunnarsen. Shocked by the revelation that Mommy would never be coming back, Ethan had gone along.

Life began again. Settling in Abenra, Denmark, Ethan found himself with a new family - grandparents he had never met, and in time a new 'Mommy'. At first, she was just Ingrid, Daddy's friend, with her boy Christoph a few years older than Ethan himself. The novelty of having someone near his own age soothed the waters as Ingrid became more common in the home, and then talk of ceremonies and 'should we keep your name or mine.' were followed by, 'do we want the nursery to be green or gold? Why not both?'

A little brother came after Ethan turned six, and then a sister four years after that, and somehow through it all Ingrid became Mommy and life continued on. Ethan powered through puberty, fighting an onset of inexplicable migraines until they faded for the most part. Words like 'stress' and 'latent PTSD' were batted about, but what helped him most were dark rooms and cool cloths, and a warm, soothing voice crooning old Danish folk songs at a near whisper.

Life continued on; Ethan took up interest in flying, and much to his father's chagrin Ingrid supported him. Her father had been a pilot, she explained, as had his mother. 'It's in your blood as it is in mine', she told him, and accompanied Ethan to flying lessons - often with her youngest, Lark, in tow. Interest grew into passion, and over time Ethan found himself more at home behind a stick than he ever did in the quaint four-bedroom house his father provided. For three years he practiced and studied until he was ready for his first solo-run. Ingrid and Lark came to cheer him on with Christoph. Arun had a game, and Father had said he deserved someone there with him. It didn't matter, then. Life took on new meaning and opened doors Ethan had never imagined possible as the earth drifted far below him.

Life continued on; at least, it did until the letter arrived - the official looking missive with the trade-mark Starfleet Academy logo on the main screen. At sixteen and a half, Ethan had won enough competitions - on top of maintaining a strong grade point average - to catch the attention of Starfleet itself. It should have been a joyous occasion - a night for the family to go out and celebrate - but instead it crumbled into a cacophony of shouts and oaths screamed from one to another. 'I forbid it', came from his father. 'You can't say that - he earned this' was Ingrid's retort. It grew so loud that Ethan fled to his room with Arun and Lark, hiding from the anger that pulsed behind them.

In the morning, Father was gone. 'Not forever,' Ingrid had assured them. 'He just needs to cool off.' She was right; Father returned, but nothing was ever the same. He did not talk to Ethan, merely signed papers to give his grudging approval. For the remainder of the school year, Father moved about as a shadow in the house. Ethan struggled to keep his grades despite a return of his headaches from some years back. He held on to the promise that he was going to Starfleet, but to the end he wondered if the promise was worth this painful silence?

Summer came at last and Ingrid helped him pack his bags. The decision had been made for Ethan to go to San Francisco. There was a prep program for seniors on track for Academy. Ingrid would accompany him, along with Lark, while Arun stayed home with Father. Christoph was already off to Oxford. More than once Ethan questioned if Ingrid was leaving his father, and every time she assured him - it was just until he was ready to go on his own. But Summer turned to Fall, and Lark fell into the vibrant community that was San Francisco. Always one to encourage her children - be they blood or otherwise - Ingrid never discouraged her.

Life stuttered; Ethan saw the papers before Ingrid, but he left them be. He never heard her mention them, only saw the quiet tears, and the silent evening spent alone. In the morning, though she still smiled, there was a sadness in his Mother's gaze that never quite left. Desperate to do something - anything - Ethan came up with a plan. He talked to someone who knew someone ... it wasn't that hard in San Francisco. Though she hesitated at first, Ingrid soon embraced the idea and even invited Lark into the circle to join them. They waited until Spring came again, when Ethan's acceptance into the Academy was Officially Official; on that day, life began again. Three wounded souls stepped into a parlor, and stepped out some time later with new markings to commemorate their re-birth.

From that point on, Life moved forward on a steady flow. Ethan sailed through Academy, building confidence and even more skill to his flight repertoire and applying the same determination to his studies that he did in regular school. At graduation, he received his honors, gave his speech, and then came home to celebrate again before heading off on his first official mission.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - 2380-2383 - graduated with honors
USS Valeron - 2383-2385 - Ensign, Flight Control
USS Phoenix - 2385-2389 - Ensign, Flight Control
USS Tombow - 2389-2392 - Ensign, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Flight Control
Lunar Base - 2392-2394 - Extended furlough, served with base flight patrols and participated in extended training
USS Archimedes - 2394-Present - Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chief Flight Control