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Lieutenant Christopher Lambert

Name Christopher Blanche Lambert

Position Chief Physicist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93 m
Weight 95.7 kg
Hair Color Llight brown with shades of gray, cut short
Eye Color Gray-Blue
Physical Description He is a tall and muscular human with with a more aged appearance than normal for his age. He is considered a nice looking man.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Shep Huntleigh Lambert (deceased)
Mother Stella Blanche Lambert
Brother(s) Wallis Blanche Lambert
Sister(s) Aimee Blanche Lambert
Other Family none


Awards Award Young Scientist at Alpha Centauri, 2382

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is a scientific genius with double the QI of normal humans. Despite his achievements on science field he have lots of experience on engineering as well due the extensive work with his father. That fact allowed him to be a bridge between the theoretical and practical aspects of physics.
Strengths & Weaknesses Keen and logical mind, and a very determined person. He had difficulties with personal relationships due two strong loses on his life. He tend to be a kind of ladies-man to avoid commitments.
Ambitions Become an expert on Interdimensional Physics field and command a science expedition to explore other universes.
Hobbies & Interests Basket, Soccer, GO ancient game board.

Personal History Christopher’s father was a renowned engineer who worked a lot through the entire solar system. For this reason, he spent little time at home in Paris, Earth. So Christopher grew up under great influence of his mother, who was a science researcher on the Federation Science Bureau.

He always had great interest in both science and engineering, but due to his father’s absence he decided do not follow the engineering path. It was a great disappointment for his father who was counting on him to succeed him in his company. After graduation from high school he decided it was time to move on and leave Earth. He went to Alpha Centauri to work for a living and find his path. After some time there, he decided to enroll in a science program at a local University.

When 24 years old he earned a Bachelor of Science, in Interdimensional Physics from this university. At that time the relationship with his father was very deteriorated and during a trip back home he suffered a terrible accident. Back in Paris, he underwent an emergency surgery but several internal organs were damaged. He received a partial liver transplant from his father and a cardiac implant, and took two months to fully recover.

Since then, he spent a great deal of time with his father and they finally started to work together. He was his right arm on business for several years. But during a major project on Mars, where they were working together, an accident trapped both together under tons of rock. His father ended up dying a few minutes before the rescuers arrival and he never has forgiven himself for not saving him. Since then he abandoned the family’s business, and following his mother’s advice he applied to Starfleet Academy.
Service Record He first assignment was aboard USS Darwin-A as science officer. He served there for almost an entire year until reach the rank of Lieutenant JG. Then he took a LoA to acted as Invited Researcher on University of Alpha Centauri, for about a year as well. Back on Starfleet he was assigned to USS Atlantis where he reached the rank of Lieutenant and the position of Chief Science Officer. His desired to push forward the frontiers of science took him to USS Archimedes as Chief Physicist.