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Master Chief Petty Officer Killian Bànach

Name Killian Bànach

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Human/Half Betazoid
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Large athletic, muscular body and frame. Usually sports stubble or a beard depending on how lazy he is with a razor.


Spouse Christine Jacobi (Ex-Wife)
Children Sam Bànach (15) - Son
Father Arlan Bànach (62) - Author/Writer
Mother Ishta Bànach (60) - Doctor
Brother(s) Danal Bànach (40) - XO, Science Station Ruby
Oliver Bànach (35) - Teacher
Other Family


Awards Christopher Pike Medal of Valor - 2382
Achievements Awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor in 2382 for defence of the Everest Colony when it was attacked by a team of elite Alpha Jem'Hadar.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Killian is a very happy man, and with his empathic ability can sometimes tap too much into the emotions of others, although he is getting better at blocking others out. He loves his family dearly and his professional love of Starfleet grows day by day.

Darker side of him refers to his time on Everest defending the colony and sometimes goes too far into himself and the terrors of that time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Empathic Ability.
Calm, cool and collected mind.

Can be over emotional in relationships.
Over-protective of family/son.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Killian was raised in a large city in a place called Edinburgh in Scotland, United Kingdom. Raised by his parents along with his 2 brothers, Killian was the middle child. Presently his older brother was in Starfleet and serves as XO at a science station in the Lar'oa system. His father is a well known author and writer of criminal thrillers and his mother resides with his father in Scotland and serves the local community as a doctor. Killian has always wanted to join Starfleet, to be as good as his brother and to reach a respectable status in later life.

Killian got married at a young age to his high school sweetheart Christine. Together they had one son called Sam. Killian joined Starfleet as soon as he was able taking the marine enlisted route due to his youthful exuberance and eagerness to serve in some capacity. After the marine academy Killian was assigned to the USS Xavier as a Marine and served with distinction rising to his rank of Corporal and transferring to the USS Bounty as a Tactical Specialist.

In 2382 Killian was on the colony of Everest when it was attacked by Alpha Jem'Hadar that had split from the mainstream Dominion, disowning the Treaty of Bajor. They attacked the colony in full swing taking out any defence the populace had in quick action. With his CO killed he was the senior most in charge and took command to save the lives of his team, as well as the people of Everest. During the battle most of his team were killed in acts of great bravery and he was left alone to defend against a team of highly skilled Jem'Hadar that had only slightly dwindled.

Managing to hold them off with his use of traps, tricks and tactics he managed to protect as many as he could until Starfleet reinforcements arrived. For his courage, bravery and actions on the planet he was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

After 3 years on the Bounty he decided that it was time for a change transferred out of the Marine Corps and into regular Starfleet, and requested a transfer to the USS Challenger as a Security Officer, receiving a rank to Petty Officer First Class.

In 2384 after months of friction and time apart Killian and his wife chose to separate, eventually leading to a divorce. They are still friends and it was an amicable parting with no hard feelings.

After his 4 years aboard the Challenger as a Security Officer Killian got the chance to prove himself and was given the position of Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical and the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Having spent 5 years on the Challenger Killian wanted more challenging duties and transferred to the USS Galaxy as its Chief of the Boat.

It later became apparent that he wasn’t happy on the Galaxy. He and his CO butted heads and whilst they had a respect for each others abilities they just didn’t get on. Killian kept this position for 3 years before transferring to the USS Archimedes and promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer.
Service Record Enlisted Marine Route, Starfleet Academy 2378-79
Private First Class, Marine, U.S.S. Xavier 2378-80
Corporal, Tactical Specialist U.S.S. Bounty 2380-82
Awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor (2382)
Transferred to out of Marine Corps.
Petty Officer First Class, Security Officer, U.S.S. Challenger 2382-86
Chief Petty Officer, Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, U.S.S. Challenger 2386-91
Senior Chief Petty Officer, Chief of the Boat, U.S.S. Galaxy 2391- 2394
Master Chief Petty Officer, Chief of the Boat, USS Archimedes 2394 - Present

Primary: Enlisted Route, Starfleet Academy.
Secondary: Starfleet Marine Corps.
Majors: Fighter pilot training. Defensive Tactics, Command, multiple marine degrees.
Minors: Communications; Engineering