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Lieutenant Commander Rom Raimius

Name Rom Raimius

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/El-Aurian
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93 m
Weight 92 kg
Hair Color Redd
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Rom is well fit, though not overly muscular. He manages to stay well toned from all the high cardio workouts he does. His red hair is usually combed back and his green eyes are a remarkable emerald-green. He speaks usually in a soft voice, with a minimal German accent. Sometimes he will grow out a beard, but he usually prefers to stay clean shaven


Spouse None
Children N/A
Father Johaan
Mother Salias
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family



Personality & Traits

General Overview Rom likes things organized. He believes everything has it's place, though his ideals are not always shared by his crew-mates. Rom knows that his borderline OCD is what allows him I multitask at the level he does while manning ops. He enjoys people and loves listening to stories or other peoples experiences. He chalks it up to his El-Aurian side. The human side of him is compassionate and at times, moody.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Natural awareness of the flow of space-time
+ Well organized
+ Listens well to others
+ Dedicated
- Borderline OCD
- Hard headed
- Works too much
- Moody
Ambitions Rom just wants to continue doing what he is doing. He is often times considered a geek, or a nerd, but he loves what he does and gets excited to try new things.
Hobbies & Interests Rom plays the classical guitar, piano and violin. He is an avid chess player and does card tricks...sort of. He enjoys long runs in the morning and reading and writing. Growing up in the Austrian Alps, he has a love of alpine skiing/snowboarding, hiking, and beer.

Personal History Rom was born in 2354 to Salia and Johaan Raimius. Salia was an El-Aurian and Johaan was Terran and was a electrical engineer that lived in a tiny village nestled within the Austria Alps. When Rom finished high school, he applied to Luna University, where he excelled in Mathematics and Computer Science and Programming. After earning a dual degree in 2375.

In 2375, Rom took a position as a technology consultant with a relief group that went to Cardassia Prime. Rom stayed on for 2 years. Then he returned back to Earth and went to work for the Federation's Department of Energy Resources as a Power Systems Manager. A position that required lots of interstellar travel to various planetary power plants to evaluate and help improve power output an increase efficiency. Then in 2380, Rom's wanderlust kicked in and he walked away from what was promising to be a very good career to join Starfleet.

After four years and two degrees in Applied Sciences and Particle Physics, Rom was assigned to the USS Nina as a non-specialized engineering officer, but after a year an opening on Starbase 212 for an ops officer came open and Rom applied. He was accepted and given the rank of Lieutenant, jg.

The the Hobus Star incident happened. Being in such close proximity to the Romulan homeworld, Rom and a large team were immediately dispatched into Romulan Space to assist the systems affected from the star going super nova. During the nine month deployment, Rom was promoted to Lt, jg. and made the groups Assistant Ops Chief.

Rom was assigned to the USS Thor, a Defiant-Class ship as the operations chief in 2388. He enjoyed the smaller ship feel, but it didn't last long.

After the Thor was scrapped in 2389, Rom was reassigned to the USS Kennedy as their Ops Chief and his predecessor was now the Kennedy's XO. He felt fortunate to have a strong XO and CO to work with.

Rom had been wanting to return to the life on a smaller ship, but wasn't sure how he could manage until in mid 2391, his XO applied for command of the USS Wolverine. Once he found out she was granted the commission, he quickly contacted her and all but begged to be her Ops Chief. He missed the feel of a small boat, and other factors were a part of his reasoning. While still on leave, his former CO and his now new CO approved the transfer and Rom was on the next transport from Risa to the Trill homeworld where his new posting was docked. He enjoyed the added responsibility of the 2nd Officer, and the added position afforded him new challenges as well.

In 2393 Rom was offered a position back on Earth, working with Starfleet Ops R&D department. After the development of the WarpXII engine, SFOPS was tasked with determining the most efficient and accessible ways that the warp core could be used in powering an entire vessel, and to optimize that output and it's needed displacement from the engines, and filtered to all the other essential and nonessential power systems across a vessel. After two years of being locked inside of a lab and behind a desk, Rom started yearning for space travel again. With a renewed understanding of new technologies the ops officer sought out a transfer to the first available ship, despite a promised promotion to Lieutenant Commander and Assistant Director of the project. Rom wanted ship duty more than any promotion that required more desk time.

Finally Rom found his newest posting, the USS Archimedes. However, it worked out that Starfleet Command promoted him anyway just before leaving for his newest assignment, which he was tasked to meet at Empok Nor.

EDUCATION: (Pre-Starfleet)
BS of Advanced Mathematics
-with minor in Computer Programming and Sciences

Service Record 2380 - 2384. Starfleet Academy (Technology Systems tract) BS of Applied Sciences and Particle Physics
Graduate - Promoted to Ensign

2384 - 2385 USS Nina
Non-specialized engineering officer
•promoted: Lieutenant, jg

2385 -2388 Starbase 212
Operations Officer
•promoted to ACOO 2386

2388 - 2389 USS Thor
Chief Operations Officer
•promoted: Lieutenant

2389 - 2391 USS John F. Kennedy
Chief Operations Officer

2391 - 2393 USS Wolverine
Chief Operations Officer / 2nd Officer

2393 - 2395 Starfleet Operations, Research and Development Team, Warp Power Displacement Specialist
•promoted: Lieutenant Commander

2395 - present USS Archimedes
Chief Operations Officer