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Ishara Harrison

Name Ishara Beth Harrison

Position Bartender

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 160
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brunette
Physical Description Average build, tallish, small tattoo of Celtic cross at the base of her neck. Fair skinned. She changes outfits due to the current celebration or nature of the party at the bar/ dining hall


Spouse Never Married
Children Doesn't want the inconvenience. Given her history (see below) Children would be in danger.
Father Julain Torylana(deceased)
Mother Janet Torylana (Deceased)
Brother(s) only child
Sister(s) only child
Other Family Cousins: Michael, Dale, Susan
Uncles Allen and Robert
Aunts Gloria and Margaret

All think that she is dead, she has not been seen since her incident with the Ferengi



Personality & Traits

General Overview Outgoing and over the top.
Quick witted master of innuendo.
Strong sense of empathy especially for the outcast and abused.
Strengths & Weaknesses Weapons Master, proficient cook and bartender.

Weaknesses: men and talking to much when drunk. She can spill some secrets. She does not drink with others.
Ambitions Getting through life, avoiding capture at all costs. She would like resolution with her former life to not have to hide.
Hobbies & Interests Loves trying new recipes. Love old earth movies and 1980's music. Often you will hear the classics blaring in the kitchen while she is cooking. She loves clothes as they are a part of her work life.

Personal History She was born Louise Torylana. He parents died in when she was 20. They both died while in Star Fleet the files have been sealed and are classified. She is a self taught chef, capable in multiple cuisines. She is gifted in BBQ and soul type food, but there is nothing she cannot whip up in the kitchen. Eight years ago while establishing a chain of lucrative restaurants, she ran into money issues. She tried to finance them through a local loan shark. Unknowingly, the low life Antonio Negra, worked for the sinister mob boss Rottonzo. Rottonzo was part Ferengi, which made him ruthless. Louise was in over her head. Instead of running her chain as she wished, Rottonzo basically made her hired help. Dressing her in scantily clad outfits. Now dont think that she dosent like to dress sexy she does, but looking like a porn star was not her thing. She tried everything to get out of her contract. All Rottonzo would do, quote the rules of acquisition. His favorite was rule 147. "People love the bartender."

One night it was late in her main establishment. She had planned her escape for months.His threats were becoming increasingly violent. Louise was at the bar, cutting the fruit for drink garnishes for the next day. Wearing a white chef jacket and black pants from the shift earlier. Rottonzo was counting the nights tab. "Woman, what have I told you about wearing clothes after the patrons have left!" He hated her in clothing, he may have been only part Ferengi but it was one custom he kept. No women in clothes. "I dont want to get dirty, I will take it off when I am done" she said with distain. His henchmen had left. All the years, 8 to be exact the hate and resentment filled her. Rottonzo strolled over to the bar. " I thought I told you to take that off" She looked at him and she said it. "No" He looked shocked she had never stood up to him before. Rottonzo looked at her. " Do what I tell you!" She looked at him again sternly. "NO! I won't, I am done with you" She took the knife she was using to cut garnishes and threatened him with it. He just laughed. " I am not taking your abuse anymore!" She caught him off guard, she stabbed him and ran. She was afraid that she killed him but she just could not take it anymore.

She had everything preplanned everything but the stabbing and it cost her dearly. Leaving her old name behind she became Ishara Beth Harrison. She dyed her red locks brunette. She tattooed the back of her neck with a Celtic cross. She has secured passage on a freighter and started to hitchhike her way through the stars.

The Ferengi Rottonzo did not die and place a price on her head. 100 bars of gold pressed latinum.

She has not achieved any awards. Since she went into hiding.
Prior to that and getting into trouble she had been awarded the Excellence in Culinary Science by the Federation Culinary Science Guild. She received high marks in pastries, and breads.

Multiple award achievements in different types of BBQ's
Skilled in multiple culinary methods of different races
Drink-ology master
See Above
The BBQ Science Ribbon for exceptional taste for brisket,ribs and chicken.
The Klingon High Council endorsement for producing off world quality Cuisine.
Service Record In the past 2 years she has served as chef/bartender on the following vessels.
USS Sam Houston: Civilian affairs, manager of Ten forward, left post after she felt she would be recognized
Star Base 47: Manager and Head Chef, managed the front and back of the house. On site distillery.
Empok Nor, The Lusty Lady, Waitress/Barkeep
Current post: USS Archimedes Chef and Manger of "The Swamp