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Lieutenant Cosimo Santoro

Name Cosimo Bernardo Santoro PhD

Position Chief Geologist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 175
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Cosimo Santoro is a handsome man, and has turned a few heads in his time. He keeps himself well groomed, and in shape. In essence when it comes to health, he treats his body like a temple. He only eats foods that are healthy, organic, and nutritional, and he retains a strict exercise regiment. He stands at five feet ten inches tall, and weighs in at a well-toned one hundred and seventy five pounds. He really doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him.

He has dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes (which are a mix of his Mediterranean and Betazoid heritage). He keeps his hair groomed to standards, and he also sports a closely trimmed beard, which is also dark brown. His skin is a shade lighter than olive (again this is a mixture of his heritage), and he enjoys the luxury of unblemished skin.

His largest identifying mark are his tattoos, he sports several of them (see more in hobbies and interests). All of his tattoos are covered by his uniform, and cannot be seen unless he is nude, shirtless, or his shirts are short sleeved (or of a tank top design). In the fashion department, he is quite casual; going for clothing that is far less reserved than a Starfleet uniform.


Spouse Single
Children No Children
Father Commander Lorenzo Santoro
Mother Liallan Santoro (dec.)
Brother(s) No Brothers
Sister(s) No Sisters
Other Family Extended family on both sides - though he doesn't really know his Betazoid relatives.



Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet and reserved are two personality traits that best describe Cosimo Santoro. He takes life and definitely his job, quite seriously. He wasn’t always like this, but life hasn’t always been easy for the young scientist. He has a lot of emotional scarring, and though his mother passed away seventeen years ago, he still carries that with him. Cosimo, also, doesn’t have a great relationship with his father. He loves his dad, but after Liallan died, his father became cold and distant. There were often fights in the home, and throughout his teen years, Cosimo was subject to emotional and verbal abuse. His father (though sober now) became a functioning alcoholic, and when he was drunk was when fights would happen. A lot of times, Cosimo would just hide out in his room or leave and stay with his grandmother or friends.

Though he is quiet and reserved, beneath that veneer is a man who is vulnerable, but friendly. He does prefer his solitude, but he also has times when he likes to socialize. One of the things he loves about being is a scientist is you get the best of both worlds in that regard. Science can be a very solitary career, yet it also gives you the opportunity to consult, and get to know other’s work. He isn’t so reserved that he won’t go to the lounge or mess hall, and when he does it’s to be around people.

Being part Betazoid, he does have some empathic abilities. However, because his mother tended to shed her culture and heritage, Cosimo’s abilities are quite limited and of course not very strong. His mother helped him manage the influx of emotions, but didn’t really train him to really interpret what he was feeling. Instead, she taught him more to suppress those abilities. Try as he might, he can’t fully suppress them, but because of that, his abilities aren’t trained. However, he does get glimpses of people’s emotional states. The only time his abilities are truly realized is when he is in an intimate relationship with someone.

Despite the reserved personality, and the vulnerably, there is a man who is friendly, and smart, but at times he just needs to be coaxed out of that protective shell.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cosimo’s strengths and weaknesses, like many, are interchangeable. Being half Betazoid he does posses some empathic abilities, however, those abilities were not really developed. So therefore, he is really no good as an empath. The connection is strongest when he is intimate with someone, but other than that, he only really gets an ‘emotional glimpse’ from most people. Most times, he doesn’t’ even think about it.

One of his largest strengths is his intellect. If asked, he would say he knows how cliché that sounds, but it is a truth about him. He is a quick thinker, and can often times arrive at a solution rather quickly and without help from a database. Though he chose a specialty in geology, he is quite good with numbers and various algorithms. He is a lover of math, and though this could have led to a career in operations, he chose science because he couldn’t really resist a good puzzle to solve. To Cosimo, there is nothing like solving a good hypothesis.

Another good strength – which can translate to a weakness as well – is his ability to ask questions. To him, the best way to know anything is to question it. During his schooling years, this obviously caused him some trouble, but it was also a good thing because he would learn something new.

Some other of his other strengths include being open-minded to new changes and possibilities. He is non-judgmental, meaning as a scientists and a Starfleet Officer, he will always adhere to other cultures way of doing things. He knows there are others who base other cultures on human standards, but that is thinking Cosimo stays away from. Everyone, in his eyes, are different, not wrong, or right, just… different. He is keenly aware that the Federation is not necessarily always right, and he has voiced this on more than one occasion.

Though he is quiet and reserved, he also is quite friendly. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, but the ones he does have are close. To him, a close friendship is like family, you hold on and never let go.

His weaknesses are really not horrible, if anything they would be endearing to some. Cosimo is a quiet and reserved man, and for the most part he is unassuming. He prefers to focus on his job to socializing, but he does like to be around people.

There are also some inner demons that lie just below the surface. He tends to keep these tightly under wraps, and only let’s them out in the rarest of circumstances. Sometimes, he lets them out in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the day, either way it typically involves him punching a punching bag… or a bulkhead. A lot of times all it takes is a session in the gym, but if it requires more, he will seek the counselor for help. He knows where inner demons can lead, and he would prefer to cut it off at the pass before there are issues.
Ambitions Cosimo just wants to do a good job in his field, and for Starfleet. He doesn’t harbor any secret ambitions, nor will he back stab or try to climb over others to make rank or position. He really just wants to take his career as it comes. However, if he had to choose one thing his ego may get the best of him, is getting recognition for a find, or research. However, it’s not something he routinely thinks about, again, he just wants to do a good job.
Hobbies & Interests One of Cosimo’s biggest and most treasured hobbies is art. He is a fairly good artist, but more than that, it is a way he remains connected with his mother. He learned about artists, history, technique, various genres from her, and though he became a scientist, he didn’t want to leave that part of him behind.

Tattoos are another interest, and an art form that he thoroughly enjoys partaking in. Thirty percent of his body is covered, though everything is covered by uniform per regulation. He knows this is a put off by some, but that doesn’t bother him in the least. To him, it’s an artistic expression he loves, and all the tattoos are of his own design.

Cosimo can also sing, but he doesn’t seem to think he is very good. He has a rich, very deep, baritone voice, so most people are quite blown away by how beautiful his singing voice can really be. This is a talent he doesn’t really show off much, except to his showerhead every morning.

Finally, right up there with art, is his love of rocks, and landscapes. Cosimo sees beauty in it, he sees it all through an artist’s lens, and that is one of the reasons he chose geology as a field of study. He finds the history, and the beauty of nature extraordinary, and that is why he couldn’t help but make it his career.

Personal History Cosimo Bernardo Santoro was born the Earth calendar year, May 11, 2363. His place of birth is Rome, Italy, European Continent, Earth. He was born to Lorenzo and Liallan, his father is human, and his mother was a Betazoid. Due to his father being in Starfleet, he was not present for Cosimo’s birth, and in fact Lorenzo didn’t meet his only child until the boy was almost three years old. Up until Cosimo was 13 years old, Liallan was in essence a single parent since Lorenzo was hardly ever around.

Liallan had tried to keep her only child’s early developmental years as normal as possible, and despite Lorenzo being gone, the family kept in contact via subspace messaging. This wasn’t something new; a lot of children had gone through this with parents who were in Starfleet. However, Cosimo felt very much alone in that regard. They lived in a small village about 40 kilometers from the large metropolis of Rome. He was the only ‘Starfleet brat’ in the village, and a lot of his friends enjoyed a two-parent household.

Because of this, Cosimo became quite close to his mother. He knew he was called names because of it, but he didn’t care. He loved his mom, and she loved him with all her being. It truly made up for his dad being gone all the time. Then when he was 13 years old, his whole world shattered, his mother had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that was only found in point three percent of Betazoid women who got the vicious disease. It wasn’t treatable, though Starfleet Medical had tried to prolong her life; there was just no way to combat it. Within months, Liallan Santoro had succumbed to the rare cancer. It was a brutal, horrible way to die, and she was in constant pain toward the end. Looking back, in a way, Cosimo was glad it was a quick death; he hated seeing his mother suffer the way she did.

Cosimo’s father wasn’t there for Liallan’s last breath.

In fact, due to the clean up from the Dominion War, Lorenzo barely was able to get home for the funeral. Cosimo’s life had changed drastically, a fun loving, giggly young boy became a stoic, reserved young man now. He didn’t weep (that didn’t come until much later), but he just stood there, and stared as the service took place for his mother. His anger sat just below the surface, and his first thought was why couldn’t it have been his father instead of his mother.

After Liallan’s death, life would never be the same for Cosimo or Lorenzo. There were fights; there was shuffling from home to home, and an influx of relatives who stepped in to help raise Cosimo. Between the ages of 12 and 18, life was tumultuous, but Cosimo was determined to join Starfleet, to get away from Italy, and from Earth. He was always a bright young man, and schooling came easy to him. When the time came to test to get into the Academy; he was accepted with no question. The psychological portion of the exam was tougher to handle, but he knew if he wanted to get in to the Academy, he would need to face his demons.

At the Academy, Cosimo was all business. He hardly socialized, and he hardly went out. He studied, and studied hard. There was a part of him that wanted him to be the best, to show his father that he wasn’t some worthless leech of a man. The other part of him wanted to do well for his mother. She wanted Cosimo to become an artist like her, but knew her only son wanted a career in Starfleet. She supported what he wanted. Even at a young age, Cosimo knew he wanted to be apart of the organization; it was something far larger than himself. Plus, even at 10 years old he knew he wanted to go into science, he just wasn’t sure what specialty he wanted (that came much later).

After graduation (near the top of his class), Cosimo entered into the Academy’s graduate program in planetary sciences. His specialty would be geology with a subspecialty in seismology. For four years more, he studied every facet of geology and geomorphology. He went on field expeditions, did research with some of the top civilian and Starfleet researchers in the field, and helped co-authored several papers. It certainly was an enjoyable experience, he learned a lot, and was glad he chose this career path.

Upon getting his thesis approved and granted his doctorate, Cosimo had been assigned to an Intrepid-class vessel called the USS Blackwell.

On the Blackwell, he was assigned as the ship’s geologist. He found it strange he was the only one on board, but he reveled in it. It meant time alone in the lab, it meant away missions, it meant even being apart of senior staff briefings. His career got off to a good start, a start he didn’t really expect would happen. He remembered stories that his father would tell, how hard it was to be a junior officer. How junior officers had gotten the worst shifts and worst assignments. However, the hard work was worth it and all that. Cosimo’s experience was way different. Though he was a junior officer, he had a specialized field with an advanced degree. His input was not only sought out, but also needed.

Despite that, he stayed humbled, and didn’t allow his ego to get the better of him.

Six months before he would leave the Blackwell, Cosimo became the Deputy Chief Science Officer. Majority of his duties still revolved around being the ship’s geologist, but now he had some administrative duties added. He certainly didn’t mind, it meant learning something new. There were a few times he had been left in charge of the science department, but he was able to keep everything running smoothly.

Then six months after that promotion, Cosimo found himself in the position for a change. It was one of those instances where he had to make a choice concerning his career. Opportunities didn’t always knock on his door, but when they did it was urged to answer. It was an opportunity that would require a transfer, but it would mean becoming a chief geologist once again. So, taking a leap of faith, he decided to take the opportunity.

He currently serves on the USS Archimedes.
Service Record 2381 – 2385: Starfleet Academy, Cadet
2385 – 2390: Starfleet Academy Graduate Program, Graduate Student
2390 – 2394: USS Blackwell, Geologist
2394: USS Blackwell, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2394: (Current): USS Archimedes, Chief Geologist