M005 - Auction Block

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After members of the crew are kidnapped they must stick together to figure out how to return to the Archimedes. All the while the remaining crew must decide to either disobey orders and risk diplomatic tensions in the new area of space or leave the kidnapped crew behind.

M004 - Much Needed Rest

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The crew of the USS Archimedes has reached their new 'home' of sorts at the Naioribi Colony with in the Briar Patch. The Colony is currently not a Federation member, but the probationary government of the Colony has requested entry and the Archimedes has been dispatched to survey the area for viability of expansion.

The Swamp

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For all the posts that don't really fit anywhere else!

Meanwhile on...

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This mission is for those random posts that not only don't fit the time line but also don't fit the ship. For example, you have a character who has NO connection to the Archimedes but you just need to write a post. Post it here!!

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M000 - Shakedown

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Get everyone on the ship and work out the gremlins

M001 - Pleasures of Knowledge

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The crew of the USS Archimedes have been tasked with investigating a newly discovered nebula in Cardassian space. There is a spacial anomaly contained within the nebula that is preventing subspace probes from being able to scan and map the nebula. The theory is that the shielding on the Nova Class science vessel will be able to sustain prolonged exposure to any energy or radiation that may be present. The crew of the Archimedes will experience everything then never knew they wanted as they travel further into Cardassian space to fulfill their mission.

M002 - Always Take the Scenic Route

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The USS Archimedes has been assigned to the Nairobi Colony located within the Briar Patch. The trip from Empok Nor at cruising speed will take a minimum of 126 days. The Ship was damaged during the previous mission and cannot maintain warp 5 so much travel slower. It will take the crew six months to traverse the distance. This will serve as the documentation of those adventures.

M003 - No One Can Hear You Scream

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While en route to the Nairobi Colony, the USS Archimedes' sensors detect a metallic anomaly as they enter the Briar Patch which is consistent with historical Federation starship building standards of nearly a century ago. Curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to investigate. Coming into closer sensor range, the Archimedes' crew discovers a lost Starfleet starship - the USS Potemkin, a Constellation class starship that went missing while on scientific survey - completely powered down. In order to investigate further, an away team is sent to investigate. What they don't know is the danger that sleeps within the phantom ship.